Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 9, 2011 - Class Activity #1

Class Activity #1
Group Discussions:

#1.) Pros and cons of "high profile" versus "low profile" in business.

#2.) Discussion over "product" versus "service" based business. Don't we need manufacturing or people making things in order to allow for the services (you sell me legal services and I will sell you accounting services back and forth)? What barriers of entry exist for "product" manufacturing (i.e., capital intensive and where do we get the capital) versus "service" business?

#3.) Discussion over "cash" based versus "leverage" and the pros and cons. Cash restricts growth for example - but do we always need to grow?

*** Side discussion over if you expand you diminish your ability to control the business. Is that a good or bad thing? Discussion about profit ratios.

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