Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011 - Never Worry About Your Competition

“Never worry about your competition” lecture – we will form teams and have a lively debate over this concept. Then, in-depth lecture and group activity lab over government contracting – and the role using and leveraging government cash contracts play in start-up and entrepreneurship.

*** Disclose everything discussion (personal v. business); and, note why the no doc programs came about. Also, if you can't make any money yourself, then be sure to advise others how to invest theirs. I want to make a personal note on the cash hold position and why cash is king. Even if you're holding cash at $100.00, you still have the 100.00 versus giving a percentage away to manage it, you're already in the hole; and, should your investment go down - then . . . . there are a number of problems with "investment managers" and we will go over the problems dealing with the "50/50" game - telling 50 investors stocks go up, then 50 they go down - you've made 50 people money, right? - and continue to grow your crop of investors through that system - bring on another 100 and do it again. Why would you ever trust anybody to handle your money other than yourself? Do you agree, all the saints are in heaven when it comes to business? Therefore, is it a logical conclusion that if you want to be in business, you must only look out for yourself? Or, the free enterprise system will eliminate you by "natural selection"?

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