Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 9, 2011 - Business Project Assignment

Business Project Assignment
The plan (so far):

1. Name of Company/will need EIN from IRS*** (optional)
2. DUNS/register for free/goal is to est a DUNS number
3. State (Dept of Admin) and Federal (grants.gov and CCR, Central Contractor Registry) * * * https://www.fbo.gov/
4. Catalog Sheet, BC, free checking, et al.
5. Accounting systems (hands on the money). Wilson Jones, Quick Books, etc.
6. Invoicing systems
7. Filing systems (organization)
8. Lease versus buy in business
9. Cash/financing model
10. Sales reps (5% rule) -- *** critical to understand the role of the sales rep (also known as manufacturing rep)
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